Tuesday 8 December 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby SMILING

By seeing this banner you guys will know this entry was made prior to participate in last Cutest Baby Contest of this year by MomBloggersPlanet

This month the theme would be

"Cutest Baby SMILING"

This is the 2nd last chance to try for the Cutest Baby of the Planet which will be held on January 2010... Boleh try lagi ni...

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Why I love to see her smiles???

I love to see her smiles???

ADEH!!!! Tak tau lah…. How to explain?

But one thing for sure I know…

When she SMILES…..

I’ll SMILE too…

No matter how KUSUT my MIND at that time…

Her SMILEs will make me SMILEs too…

Enjoy a bulk of Ebby's SMILEs...

Name: Roszlin Ebby Amani binti Mohamad Roszuan
D.O.B: 13 September 2008
And last but not least....
Lets poems about SMILE
Let a child smile

Let a child blissfully grow,
Don’t try and obstruct his natural flow.
Let a child sleep,
Don’t try and break his dreams.
Let a child run,
Don’t try and smack his ear-drum.
Let a child confidently walk,
Don’t try and lure him with your talk.
Let a child create,
Don’t try and teach him to hate.
Let a child be innocent,
Don’t try and show him the art of disguise.
Let a child be naughty,
Don’t try and instruct him to be haughty.
Let a child play,
Don’t try and intentionally spoil his day.
Let a child make mistakes,
Don’t try and show him the stick.
Let a child roam in Sunlight,
Don’t try and hide him from the bright.
Let a child express his thoughts,
Don’t try and be a mental block.
And let a child prosper and SMILE,
Don’t try and expose him to worldly guiles

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