Friday 5 July 2013

Pijak semut pon x mati

Pasal apa ada peribahasa "Pijak semut pun x mati"?
Sebab, kaki kita bukannya rata.. camne semut nak mati...
Tapi ada jugak org yg kaki rata...

Macam mana sebenarnya nak halau semut yang bermaharajalela kt umah kita... Sini ada 6 cara nak halau semut... mmg aku copy paste... dlm BI, nak translation ker?
Aku malas nak translate... korang kan pandai... translate sendiri lah k....

6 ways to eliminate ants in your HOUSE!

1. Egg shells
... Took several egg shells and cook it for a while until it become yellowish (not seared), squash the egg shells into powder form then scatter at the surrounding of ants lair and other places where most probably ants will appear.

2. Peppers
Peppers can drive away ants as well, drop some peppers at places where ants normally appear can drive ants away effectively, but just cant’t eliminate ants completely.

3. Charcoal
Ants are afraid of charcoal, put a few charcoal nearby ants lair after a few days your house will be completely “Ant-Free”.

4. Parsley & Celery
Ants are afraid of the smells of parsley and celery as well. Put some parsley or celery in your kitchen cabinet can keep ants away.

5. Lavender essential oil
Add in few drops of lavender essential oil in the water before you mop the floor every day, ants will never appear in your house again.

6. Baby powder
Sprinkle some baby powder at places ants always appear, in a few days ants will be gone automatically.

Senang je... boleh guna semua kaedah.. or salah satu... nak try 11 pon ok kot....

Ok mood sekarang... mood deco2 utk umah br... jom g PICC... ada expo...