Thursday, 9 July 2009

Next Time, I'll make sure it never happen again...

Remember, a few days ago I have writing about our vacation at Sunway Lagoon. In my previous entry about this, I’m telling everyone that we are happy with the vacation… syok mandi manda… but ada yg tak syok nyer….and we kind of angry and unsatisfied about it… The story are:- When we arrived at home… after all the kepenatan… I just take a look at the receipt of the tickets… don’t know why… just wondering why we still pay more after getting 25% discount… See the rate and the different:

Without MyKad (Tourist lah)
Adult RM60
Child RM45

With MyKad (warganegara Malaysia)
Adult RM48
Child RM36

We decide to buy a 2 Parks tickets. We have 2 vouchers, 1 is valid for 6 tickets…. Total up all we have 4 children and 9 adults. As Malaysian Citizen we got 20% off as long as we have MyKad…. Total up the price should be:

Child: RM36 x 4 = RM144 after less 25%: RM108
Adult: RM48 x 9 = RM432 after less 25%: RM324
Total: RM432

, we are paying RM45 for each adult tickets and RM34 for each child tickets… Ha kira lah berapa?

Child: RM34 x 3 = RM102 + RM36 (not discounted one) = RM138
Adult: RM45 x 9 = RM405
Total: RM543

RM111 different… sapa xsakit hati… it’s a lot you know… mcm2 boleh buat dgn RM111… Example can buy my new futsal shoe… cukup tu… AL-IKHSAN kan murah2 je…

Calculate and calculate… rupa-rupanya they didn’t give us the 20% off for Malaysian Citizen… Kurang hajar betul lah… My husband ada tanya tau, during the purchased. “Nak tgk MyKad ker?” and then she answer “tak payah, tak payah”. My Brother in Law pun ada tanya masa dia beli the 1st batch… so we assume they give us the Citizen Price… rupanya tak… time beli mana lah ingat nak tgk resit.. tgh ramai berjuta2 org tgh queue… beli pulak in bulk, mana nak perasan.
Bile balik umah br teringat nak tgk and tertanya2 kenapa mahal jugak… yg pelik nye yg Child ticket yg terlebih tu dia kira citizen..
Tak paham, tak paham…
At least tell us which price did they discount… xde la ralat sgt bayar lebih pun… sbb tau… xpe xpe this is a lesson next time I’ll make sure stupid thing like this never happen again… ADUYAI…
Gambar nnt ek… Sy lupa bw extra battery, camera xleh berfungsi le time tu… nasib yg lain2 ada bawa… kena tunggu diaorang upload… tunggu…

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